My father Chidananda Dasgupta...

ʽʽI am happy to announce 2021 is the Birth Centenary Year of my late father, the well-known journalist, film critic and filmmaker Chidananda Dasgupta, a pioneer of the Film Society Movement in India along with his contemporary Satyajit Ray and others. Many people know of him simply as a film critic of repute, but he was not just that. He was a true historian of cinema and wrote many seminal books about films and filmmakers. He was one of the first people to see a film as a text to be studied, not simply as something to be seen in an auditorium and then forgotten. He took film criticism in India to global heights and was published in international publications about cinema such as Sight And Sound. I for one would never have been Aparna Sen the filmmaker, had it not been for his tutelage!

We, his family, friends, and admirers felt that such a personage should be honored, especially in his centenary year.ʼʼ

- Aparna Sen